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last updated 6 - 19 - 00


All the news that's fit to ROCK.
Gone 6 / 19 / 00 1:39 PM EST
Cuyler Bryant and John Ehlers have officially quit Corduroy. Mike Hayes and I (Kevin Johnstone) have decided to forge on. We wish them the best of luck. Mike and I are either going to start from scratch with a whole new band (new name, etc...) or we're just going to replace them. I feel we should just replace them and get on with our work and demo we want to put out. Mike and I feel strongly about going on, and so we are. Thanks for your support everyone, we hope it continues. If you or someone you know plays guitar, bass or drums please email me, and help us out. We'll still be rocking out with most of the old songs, except the ones Cuyler wrote. For the list click here. Thanks again everyone.
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